Laugh everyday.

And if that doesn't work, throw glitter.

I aim to sneeze

May I have a tissue please? :)

Welcome to my website. I was feeling like a bad developer for not having a website, considering building the interwebs is what I do for a living. I also wanted to build something lightweight, fast, and allowing me to experiment with newer technologies. Check check and check.

I take pictures. So I’ll throw some of those up here. I’ll definitely be blogging about code, business process, and marketing. I might even make some marketing tools I built available. Roll the dice. The world is your oyster.

About Me

Hi, I’m Eli. You’ve somehow found yourself on my site. What a treat!

This is that awkward section where I try to talk about myself. Bear with me, it should be over soon…

I’m a web developer who, in my free time, reads books, lifts weights, takes pictures, rides my bike, and says “Ew, David” way too much. My dirty little secret is that I’ve been working in Marketing for years…

OMG he probably uses WordPress and calls himself a developer…

I do! And I built this entire site in ES6 using Gatsby and GraphQL. The previous iteration was a custom Vue theme. WordPress’s API and WPGraphQL allows you to go headless or semi-headless and incorporate the latest technologies on your site. It’s just a matter of building it to play nice in the sandbox (and production server). I also work with Salesforce, Marketo, Segment, and with various APIs. #blessed